Multiple Fullscreen Windows

I want to create an application that has muliple OpenGL windows on multiple displays, all fullscreen at the same time. Is this possible with OpenGL+Windows? My plan is to use 4 monitors and a GeForce Quadro FX 4500 X2 (without using SLI). Could the WGL_NV_gpu_affinity extension be a solution for me? Do you have a better idea to get my application spawn across all 4 monitors?

Thank for any help!

Connect the 4 monitors to the 4 DVI outputs of 4500 X2 and you dont need any SLI or GPU affinity.

When you boot the system you should see 4 monitors in your windows properties. Enable them all by checking “Extend Desktop” option.

Now create 4 windows each of size 1280 x 1024 (assuming the monitors are set to that resolution).
Win1 -> CreateWindow(0, 0, 1280, 1024);
win2 -> CreateWindow(1280, 0, 1280, 1024);
win3 -> CreateWindow(1280 * 2, 0, 1280, 1024);
win4 -> CreateWindow(1280 * 3, 0, 1280, 1024);

Then get the DC & RC for each window and do what you want.

Or you could just create 1 window and maximise this across the displays.

You don’t really need to know or care that they are multiple graphics heads (unless what you want to do has performance implications across the GPU boundaries).

1 window should be enough.
If you have 4 separate cards, then make 4 separate windows on each monitor.

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