multiple displays

Hi, does anyone know if its possible, on mac osX to handle two different displays, using full screen,
for example one with rendering output and the other one with info menus etc…
Any link with some information or help would be great! thanks

If you mean using fullscreen OpenGL contexts, yes. You have to pass the display ID in when creating the context as a pixel format parameter. For example using NSOpenGLContext:

If you mean using windowed OpenGL contexts, then you don’t have to do anything special creating the contexts since the window manager has (and has had, for over a decade) native multiple display support. You should check the GL capabilities available on the display the window is created on, though, since there may be two different cards driving the two displays. You should also check when the window is moved between the two displays.

There is sample code demonstrating all this at apple:

thank u ill try it out!

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