Multiple classes using opengl

Hi, more of a programmer’s question here, but i have come across a bit of a problem, i am designing a game and have the basics already plotted and working. It is just before i go any further is it worth me using multiple classes and having the one main.

I am using java with open gl, and have tried to implement multiple classes i.e. main, enemyShip class and so on. But there is many problems as you need the shell code to allow java to work, this causes many problems such as using inheritance and so on.

if any body, firsts understands this or has tried similar please let me know before i go any further, thanks steve.

classes just help seperate objects and functions into wrappers, so they are easier to impliment, and you can track down bugs a lot easier. i have not used muiltiple inheritence much, so I can’t comment on it, but i have never found it necessary to use as far as games go. If you don’t plan on updating your code and just want to learn opengl, start out the simplest way and work your way up, expand to classes when you really need too. If you want to design a nice large game that you can update and debug easily, I would suggest reading up on the use of classes, and trying to implement them. If you don’t need them don’t use them, pretty simple. :slight_smile: