multiple animations in one file?

hello, i am very new to collada, so this question might be stupid.

we have a charactermodel that has lots of different skeletal animations (walk, run, shoot, etc.)

now what is the recommended way of storing animations with collada.
do you save an extra dae file for each animation? will this dae file need to include the skeletal model as well or just the animation data?

or are all the animations stored in one big dae file? if so, how do you access the different animations?


There is no policy on how you store the data, 1 one file (under the animation library) or in many files, it is up to you.

But most likely what you are looking for are the animation_clip , which let you save different animation cycles for the same character (walk, run …)

My experience in a large production environment is that it’s best to seperate out animations into different files for each animation. This works better with version control, and speeds up incremental builds of your data. You can also more simply give a colleague a changed animation.

If you want a file which catalogues these animations, you can use animation clips as remi suggests, as you can reference animations in external files.

I’m running into the same problem. Unfortunately, the software I’m loading my model into doesn’t support multiple animations that are split into multiple files; it needs all the animations in a single file.

Have there been any developments with this problem since the last post?