Multipipe OpenGL rendering on Windows


I am trying to do OpenGL rendering using multiple gfx cards on Windows and need some help on this.

I have two gfx cards on my Windows system and I want my application to simultaneously download & render some texture data on one graphics card and some other texture data on the other gfx card. I don’t want my texture data to be downloaded (i.e. replicated ) on both the gfx cards.

To do this (and correct me if I am wrong)my application needs to create two GL context with each GL context attached to one gfx card. Then I will render my one texture data using one GL context and other texture data using the other GL context and hopefully they will be downloaded and rendered on different gfx cards.

Now the question is, Is it at all possible on Windows to do something like this ? If yes then how can I write this kind of application on Windows ? I am not an expert on Windows and any help in this regard is welcome.

[ I posted the same question under “OpenGL under Windows” forum but did not get any reply. Re-posting it here in the hope of getting some reply. ]

I guess this is not possible. As I know, you can’t choose on which card you want your function to be executed on. SLI is generally an internal thing, let to the driver.