Multimonitor under OGL (nvidia)

Hello all… hows it hangin?

got a disturbing question, and I’m wondering if anyone has had the same problem or an answer regarding multimonitor support and OpenGL.

My machine that I do my development on is a multimonitor box, I run Win2K with a GeForce256 AGP and an Oxygen VX1 PCI in it.

I use the Oxygen to do most all of my OGL development because my company is developing commercial software with OpenGL in it, but we’re limited to PCI because of the Industrial Systems we’re using for the product. So I use the Oxygen as my primary display device under Win2K.

Sometimes, I want to check the quality of my OpenGL code on different cards, so I check the box to make the GeForce the primary so OpenGL will spark on it. Unfortunately, whenever I try to get an OGL app running on it, it fails on creation of the rendering context. This has happened with a few “developed” titles (a few peoples OGL demos), but not with commercial software, screensavers and such (OGL stuff).

I was wondering if this is a known nvidia problem or something of the sort, because I used to have a Voodoo3 instead of the GeForce and it worked fine. Other machines with nvidia cards in them also work fine (though single cards only).

Any ideas?



It IS a problem with nvidia. If I turn off “Extend desktop to this monitor” to the Oxygen, then I can do OGL on the GeForce.

Issues issues…