multiframe window

Hello to everybody.
I’d like to know the easiest technique to create a multi-frames window using C language coding and opengl libraries in linux.
Till now I’ve used a single window using the glut library.
In particular, I would like to display the scene in the main frame and to display other useful windows or buttons (in order to enter specific parameters) on the sides of the main frame.
Can you help me?
Thank you in advance!

The straight forward way to do this is by defining multiple viewports. The viewport for your main frame can be maybe 80% of the window width. do your drawing, then call viewport() again for the remaining 20% and do your drawing of buttons etc.
You can define a different perspective projection for each viewport (GluOrtho2D() would be right for Buttons and other (2d) displays.

Thank you!
I’ll try to do it.