Multi-Texture, Repeated, with Mip Maps - NVIDIA bug?

Hi gurus,

I have a multi-textured( 2 units ) model, using MODULATE (second component). The first texture fits exactly across the primitive (cylinder) - the second texture is repeated around 16 times along x - also on the cylinder.

The textures are bound with GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_LINEAR - when I do this - I get some parts of the cylinder textured ok (first texture over the second texture looks fine), but about half of the primitive seems to be just a mess - although the colours are correct!

When I bind the textures with GL_LINEAR, I don’t have any problem at all.

Are there special rules for using two mip-mapped textures with different dimensions in a multi-texture scenario?

If it helps any I’m using CVAs - with two sets of texture coords. Like I say, its fine when the textures aren’t mip-mapped. I’m using gluBuild2DMipMaps to make the mip-mapped textures and they are fine when used for single-textures.
Any hints?