Multi-pass rendering, G-Buffer textures overlapped by strange color

Hello everyone! I’m sorry if I have duplicated an existing topic, I was able to find quite similar one, however it couldn’t solve my problem.

I’m trying to implement a renderer with multiple render passes using the Deferred Shading technique as an example (I find it more straightforward for a beginner to Vulkan). Went through a various articles and documentation I was able to implement a basic G-Buffer → Lighting renderer with two separate render passes, and it partially works - I can see what the first render pass has drawn to textures, however it appears overlapped by some color in the fragment shader of the second render pass. I suspect it’s happening because of wrong synchronization between the render passes or framebuffers misconfiguration, I’ve tried various parameters to subpass-dependencies and it didn’t work. The weird thing is the glitch is disappearing when I use just one texture in the G-Buffer instead of three.

I’m fighting it a couple of days already and would be very appriciated if you could help me to figure out.

I’ve put my code to Pastebin

Functions to create pipelines for G-Buffer and Lighting pass
Functions to create render passes for G-Buffer and Lighthing stages
Fragment shaders for each render pass
G-Buffer attachments and descriptors set creation
Pipelines and passes definition
draw() function

Thank you in advance!

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