Multi Monitor Rendering using Vulkan

I am very new to vulkan and I am trying to render one single image on multiple monitors (2 monitors) connected to NVidia RTX A4000 graphics card in linux ubuntu environment.

When single monitor is connected, there is no issue in rendering. But when 2 monitors are connected, there is issue in rendering where both the systems get stuck and we cant get the control of system but drawFrame call is getting executed.

Could anyone help me with this issue?

Changes done for multi monitor rendering:

  1. Create 2 Windows
  2. Create 2 surface on those windows
  3. Create 2 Swapchains and swap chain images
  4. Create 2 Framebuffers and image views
  5. Create 2 command buffers
  6. Create multiple semaphores and Fences
  7. Drawframe call in loop.

Any suggestions much appreciated.

Thanks and Regards,

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