Multi-Head Multi-Card

I am using an NVidia Quadro FX 1400 PCI-Express (Two heads) with an ATI Radeon 9250 PCI (Two Heads) in a single system under XP.

I can render my pipeline on the dual head Quadro FX 1400 with no problems. Both channels meet my required framerate and I see no issues. The problem occurs when I try to render to the Radeon card. The same pipeline ends up dropping a ton of frames, including the framerate. This also occurs when I simply render to the ATI card without the NVidia card plugged in. If I remove the NVidia card, I can meet framerate on the ATI card.

Are there any issues with two or more graphics cards and OpenGL in a system?

Thanks in advance,


Huh… it’s a big problem. You can try to create window directly on ATI monitor (desktop), and then create gl context. It might work but I can’t guarantee that. Other solution might be to manually load appropriate OpenGL driver (nvoglnt.dll or atixxxxx.dll) and map all functions entry points.
Note that if you want hw acceleration on NV card your window MUST be on NV desktop and if you want ATI hw acceleration then create window on ATI desktop. Moving window from one mon to another is allowed but you must destroy and create gl context dependeing on graphics card.
Third solution might be do replace ATI-PCI card with some NV-PCI card.