multi-Bezier Curves visualizing

i am new on Opengl, and get confused by the program structure when i want to visualize multi-bezier curves in unique canvas.

you know, there is a example about single Bezier curve visualization.

so which part of the program should i control in order to visualize multi-Bezier curves??

The ctrlpoints array, the glMap1f() in init(), or the glEvalCoord1f()???

Thanks very much!!!


I display bezier curves by using pure lines: I do myself the math to generate the points on the curve and just do a vertex array with lines to aproximate the curve, maybe is not what you want but works great for me.

Thanks a lot vbovio.
that is a good suggestion!

hi I programmed like below, but the out put vertex array stay on one specific point. that is why???

  for(t=0; t <= 50; t++){
					   mu = t/50;
					   mum1 = 1 - mu;
					   mum13 = mum1*mum1*mum1;
					   mu3 = mu*mu*mu;
					   //ai = t/unitcurve;
					   bezierx[t] = mum13*(0.05+0.15*i)+3*mu*mum1*mum1*(0.05+0.15*i-curveincreaseunit*h[i][j])+3*mu*mu*mum1*(0.05+0.15*i-curveincreaseunit*h[i][j])+mu3*(0.05+0.15*i);
				       beziery[t] = mum13*(0.05+0.045*j)+3*mu*mum1*mum1*(0.05+0.045*j)+3*mu*mu*mum1*(0.05+0.45*(j+1))+mu3*(0.05+0.045*(j+1))

looking the code in details, like that

for(t=0; t<=100, t++){
double mu, mum1,mum13,mu3;
mu = t/100;
mum1 = 1 - mu;
   mum13 = mum1 * mum1 * mum1;
   mu3 = mu * mu * mu;

   p.x = mum13*p1.x + 3*mu*mum1*mum1*p2.x + 3*mu*mu*mum1*p3.x + mu3*p4.x;
   p.y = mum13*p1.y + 3*mu*mum1*mum1*p2.y + 3*mu*mu*mum1*p3.y + mu3*p4.y;
   p.z = mum13*p1.z + 3*mu*mum1*mum1*p2.z + 3*mu*mu*mum1*p3.z + mu3*p4.z;

Is there any problem here, that makes the algorithm stay on one point???
my visualizing result is a lineā€¦

I am looking forward to your ideas!!!