Muit-head support and 2D OpenGL

I am working on a project that requires 8 heads. My search has lead me to consider two Quadro NVS 400 cards to create the 8 displays.
While reading some comments I noticed one thread that claimed that OpenGL would be buggy when ran across several displays and a second claim that even for 2D that OpenGL would only be active on the first head.
Is there any truth to this? Is there a limitation on the hardware accelleration across several displays?

Short: This is highly implementation dependant. But it if safer with sames cards.

Long: On Windows it is true that in general, with mutiliple different cards, you will only get hardware acceleration on the primary screen, due to the way MS manages screens.
But for example with 2 NVidia cards it is possible to let the driver manage properly hardware acceleration on both cards (even different ones), with various settings related to performance/image issues ratios.

A bit old but it was already working (go for the end) :
This site showcases a lots of (homemade) multimonitors setups :

EDIT: btw there is no difference between “2D” and 3D GL :slight_smile:

Thanks ZbuffeR,
I’m going to get two of those NVS 400 cards and see what happens.

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