MUI/PUI/GLUI - which?


I’m trying to create some kind of menu-driven interface for my OpenGL program that would still remain somewhat platform independent. I would like to also possibly be able to get some kind of user input typed from the keyboard. I have found libraries for MUI, PUI, and GLUI, which all offer ways to do this (I think). Unfortunately, I am not very familiar with any of them and am wondering if anyone can offer any pros/cons of any of them?



I have only tried GLUI, and can’t say anything about MUI or PUI.

GLUI is actially using GLUT (for windowing) and OpenGL (lines, bitmaps) to draw buttons, boxes and stuff. It works (should work) on any system with OpenGL and GLUT. However, since it use bitmaps/lines to represent stuff, it will always look the same on all platforms.

It’s not any extremly powerfull system, but more like an addon for glutKeyboardFunc()-like functions. Instead of having loads of keys to press, you can have some buttons and a popumenu.

I can really recomend GLUI, easy to use, and works nice with smaller apps (maybe with larger too, haven’t tried it there yet).