MSYS ,OpenGL and CodeBlocks

how to setup OpenGL in CodeBlocks using MSYS?
Pleas write step by step.

I gather that this relates to your previous 2 recent unanswered threads on MSYS2 (or MSYS) and Code::Blocks usage:

Your question is much more about MSYS2 and Code::Blocks than OpenGL. Relatively speaking, OpenGL is pretty low level compared to these. It was worth posting your question here, but since no one monitoring here knows the answer…

You’re much more likely to:

  • Find an answer to your question on the MSYS2 and/or Code::Blocks web sites, or in their documentation, mailing lists, and/or forums. And failing that, to…
  • Get an detailed answer to your question in those mailing lists and forums.

Here are a few links to get you started:

how to setup GLEW, GLFW and GLM in Code Blocks for OpenGL 3.3 and more advanced version?

So what have you tried and found out since the last time you posted about using GLEW, GLFW, and GLM in Code::Blocks. Anything?

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