MSVC++ MDI-Problems - I need HELP

Hi, a have a big Problem!
I need to create a MDI-Program with MSVC++ 6.0. Im a newbie in Opengl but since i start for some weeks i learnd much form NeHe.

First i learnd with NeHe’s Tuturials and it work fine with SDI-Programs. But I need OpenGl to work with MDI-Views. So I create a new MDI-Prog. and use the same as in SDI.

And it works. – BUT, if I resize the View it works only if the View is small. When the width of the View > 1000 I get problems. I have a white background (use glclearColor) and when the width of the view is > 1000 I get a black bar on the right and on then Bottom side.

I use then typical NeHe code in the OnSize-Methode. What is wrong?

Please help me!! I need it


See the following link:

Originally posted by Coconut:
See the following link:

Hi, thanks for this Tip, but…

how can i check if the system where my program run e.g. Win2000, Win98 … use Hardware-Acceleration.

Do I have to distinguish or will MS recognize itself?


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