MSVC comes with OpenGl 1.1 headers. I want 1.4


I want to use VBO with OpenGL, but I cannot because MSVC comes with OpenGL version 1.1 header files.

Q1. How do I “upgrade” my setup to use the VBO functions that come with OpenGL version 1.4?

Q2. Why could I not find an answer to this after searching online for 3 hours?



PS: I am using MSVC 2005 aka VC8

It’s right here on this website:

Just copy new header files in same location as old header files.

here is a basic tutorial on using functionality beyond 1.1 for windows:

But I suggest you use GLEE or GLEW to enable the extensions as it’s much easier (a Google search should sort you out)

Thanks folks, this is what I was looking for!


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