MSAA Depth / DepthStencil resolve

Does Vulkan support Depth and/or DepthStencil MSAA resolve operations? ( For e.g. sample0, min, max ? )
The only info I could found in the spec (Vulkan 1.0.9 + WSI) says:

Page 117:
“Any given element of pResolveAttachments must have the same VkFormat as its corresponding color attachment”

Page 367:
“srcSubresource and dstSubresource are VkImageSubresourceLayers structures specifying the subresources of the images used for the source and destination image data, respectively. Resolve of depth/stencil images is not supported.”

This would lead to conclusion that Depth/Stencil cannot be resolved by the API at all. Is this correct?

Pretty much, yes. Though I’m not really sure what a multisample resolve for depth formats would accomplish.

also ch. 18.6:

The aspectMask member of srcSubresource and dstSubresource must only contain VK_IMAGE_ASPECT_COLOR_BIT

DEPTH seems to be very transparent one-purpose HW tied format/aspect, so it is not THAT flexible. You should use COLOR for general purpose dimensional data, I think.