MS3D Problem (angles)

hi out there… i have a problem with displaying the joints of a ms3d file…

you might now that there is an hierachial oder with a child->parent relationship…

so, what to do is to add the positions/translations of the joint until we reach the specific joint we want to display…
there is still a problem… all angles in that format are euler angles, what makes me big complications. How can i calculate the normal rotations out of that euler angles (what are pitch, roll and yaw) without using quaternions or matrixes?

please notice that the rotations are relative to the parent…

thanks, MofuX

nobody has an answer?


Dont completely understand the question… (what you are trying to achieve in the end)


say, you have an vector… how to rotate that vector by euler angles?
and is there a way to do this without quaternions?

maybe this is more easy to understand.

Check out my terrain programs, I use regular sin and cos to rotate my views… I use with gluLookAt.