MS3D and triangle strips...

Now that I have ms3d support in my engine (static only), I was thinking if there is a way to optimize them by rendering them as triangle strips. I dont put the model in a display list, since I want to alter it in realtime, so is there a way to render them as strips? It really messes them up if I do without any change.

well the problem is that the ms3d doesn’t have strips. i think it’s just a list of triangles. you’d need some sort of stripifying routine ot get them into strips. i don’t know how much mete (milkshape developer) is going to change the ms3d format when Milkshape 2.0 comes out. you may want to try the forum at chumbalum-soft

as far as optimizing what you have, you couold put each group of the ms3d file into a display list. that would speed up rendering. i say one list for each group because that would give you the advantage of speed plus allowing for animation. good luck


Thanks for your reply!
I dont want to use display lists, I prefer VA which are the way Im going to go.

Do you think that ms3d is a good format to be the sole one as static mesh in my engine?

i’m a big fan of milkshape. their file format is very simple. if you’re going to use static models, ms3d files will work fine. for some more info on their file format, download MSViewer, available at the download section. it’s an MFC application used to view milkshape models and animations. the rendering is done using opengl.


Thanks everyone!
MSViewer, got that.