MS-DOS window

Hello, I’m new to OpenGL and I was wondering, when I run a program written in openGL, is there a way to get rid of the MS-DOS window in the background (I have windows 2000)?

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It seems that you are using from the win32 consol applications.Isn’t it?This projects originaly refer to the MS DOS .GLUT isn’t a good way to manage the window and interact with the mouse, keyborad, etc. Try to use from the win32 application or MFC projects.–Are you using from the VC++6.0 compiler?

take a look at

the first tutorial explaines how to create a window that is capable of opengl rendering via win32 means.

follow that tutorial (or get the basecode) and you will get rid of that msdos box (if you are willing to leave glut)

Thank you very much. And to answer Ehsan’s question, I use Bloodshed Dev-C++. A great compiler :wink:

            The Master, may the code be with you