Moving Star In a Special Line

Dear Friends
I Want Code For Moving Star In Special Line .If Anyone Want To See This Picture, Give ME his/her Email So I can Send Him The Picture.Because I am New Here The Website Do Not Allow Me To Send URLS Of My Uploading Picture.
I Am Beginner In OpenGL And Please Help Me ASAP!!!

You need to ask questions about a specific problem to get an answer here not just a general question.

Hi Dear tonyo_au
Thanks For Your Call. I Want One Star Start From Line 1 To 6 In The Special Line.I Know You Get Lost In My Problem!!!
You Absolutely right But My Question Is very Complicated Because Its Not Regular Problem For Me And Its Difficult For me to Explain My Problem . As I said In Past Because I am New Here The Website Do Not Allow Me To Send My Upload Picture URL.
Give Me Your Email So I Send My Problem Picture ASAP !!!
Reply Me.

You don’t mean this, do you?

But seriously, you should specify your problem more clearly. And even if you cannot post URLs here, remove the www and you should still be able to post it. And remember, adding !!! after each sentence won’t speed up anything.
[ul][li]What star, ingame (like above) or an astronomical one?[/li][li]What line, an arbitrary one or an orbit?[/li][li]What is a special line?[/ul][/li]
If you cannot even give the slightest hint about these questions, it seems that you, too, got lost in your problem :slight_smile:

And I think the mods should overthink the no-URL-rule, as the new guys are going nuts on a regular basis…

Hi Brokenmind Thanks For Coming
I am Not nuts :slight_smile: When I Insert Image The vBulletin Message Coming Like This :

Post denied. New posts are limited by number of URLs it may contain and checked if it doesn’t contain forbidden words.

One thing remove the www Does Not Work!!!:sick:

IS There Anybody Here To Help Me For Solve My Problem ???:mad:

Not as long as you refuse to explain your problem. What do you mean by “star”? What is a “special line”? What means “move along a special line”?