moving floor

hi all,
i am pretty new to opengl but have been doing a project for a good few months now on opengl animation.
what i’ve created is an animated dog created from a hierarchical model. i have got it to walk and run but the
animation is in one place and does not move across the screen.
what i need help on is to create a floor or ground beneath its feet so that it can look like at least its moving.
that is if i can draw a floor and make it move so that it looks like its actually walking or running on the surface.
can anyone help me because i have tried this but cannot get it right.
also i have read some of the posts here already but don’t really understand them.
so anything basic that can achieve this would be great.

thnks in advance.

You could just create a reallly big rectangle under the dogs feet and move it back at an appropriate speed relative to the speed of the dogs feet. You could get the same effect by moving the dog AND the camera…but why do two things when you can do one

  • Halcyon

thanks but thats the problem i’m having. i don’t know how to draw this big rectangle under the dogs feet. i tried it but got nothing on the screen. not sure whats up.
any more suggestions?

If I got it rigt, you have dynamic mesh with bones, but can’t draw quad
If thats what you want:


where z&x affects floor movement, or you can leave quad unchenged, but call glTranslatef() with texture matrix, IF you have texture mapped on it! Effect will be the same!

Anywayz, I doubt that was your problem I guess you could have problems with culling (backface or front face), check that out once more)