movement of one object

I for now use gltransfer and gl rotate befor draw and object to move and rotate it.
If i have two object also second object are rotated and translated.
Ho can i set up matrix for move only current drawing object?


One method would be to use glPushMatrix and glPopMatrix around calls you use to manipulate and draw the specific object.

I have used it but the result is tath all object are stopped…

Maybe I misunderstood your question. You have to redraw the whole scene and each object has it’s own matrix which can easily be separated by something like this:

// for each object

// next object

That should work.

Yes it is the code, bu te swap is done when all object ar drawn.
I can also use my function to mnipulate internal matrix and the put it into opengl framework, but it must work also with gltransfer etc.

The for-next constuct was meant to work that way. Only one SwapBuffers per frame.

Sorry, I don’t understand what your problem is now. Read the Redbook on transfomation hierarchies (Example 3.6):