mouse-wheel function return 'int wheel-position=0' only ..

Hi All,

I’ve had a couple of (OpenGL) projects running with a missing respons on the mouse-wheel. I accepted it in freeglut as the specs said that it ‘might’ work (it didn’t). My present GLFW-project integrates the function-pointer ok … the only snag is, that only a ‘notch’ is detected. The int wheel-position returned is always ‘0’. That leaves me without a detection on which way the wheel is rolling … counting the ‘notches’ is no problem next to that.
I’m using win7 64bit, a microsoft mouse and a HID-driver (auto-installed). I wouldn’t mind getting another mouse, but I doubt that it would solve the problem.
Any suggestions?

Can I assume that no one else has met the problem?

If your mouse wheel is working in other apps it is not likely to be your hardware. If you are using freeglut try compiling the freeglut code with debug and check how it is trapping the mouse wheel event.

Hi Tonyo
I think that it’s because I’ve changed some settings of the mouse (faster speed, tail, more notches on scrolling). I noticed that other programs (game) will not work with a mouse where the ‘tail’ is on. It’s such a minor problem compared to making GLEW and GLFW work. Inspite of the GLFW-hints, I cannot get a debug-Window-version, but the wheel-action is detected … it’s just ‘wrong’. I’ve spent the day on making GLFW3 work instead … I just saw on it’s event-test that the error still persists.

Problem solved:
Although I moved to glfw3, the function there expects return of ‘double’ and not ‘int’ … so I got it working. ;o)