Mouse problems with OpenGL & Direct3D

When ever I play games in OpenGL or Direct3D mode, my mouse acts crazy every so often. It would spin around the edge of the screen, clicking at random intervals. When I run the game in software mode it works fine. I have installed the lasted drivers for DirectX8 and my mouse and for my video card several times. I am running on Win ME on a AMD K7 750mhz 256MB ram and a NVIDIA Riva TNT2 Model 64

OpenGL is for graphics only. Most games is using DirectInput (a part of DirectX) for input. It may be something with the graphic hardware but it is hard to tell. Have you tried to reinstall the mouse drivers? Perhaps with new drivers.

If you get this only in one game is it most likely some bug in that game.

I have reinstalled the new drivers. Its a standard 2 button Logitech Mouse. And this happens in every game where I select OpenGL or Direct3D to play in.

I have been having a similar problem in Q2. Reducing the bar in hardware acceleration has some positive effects.

I have this same problem with many games even the new ones (Emperor battle for dune, Dungeon keeper2 ect.)it’s very frustrating please help us!!!

Today, I met a person in Half Life running the game in OpenGL with a similar problem. They said they have a Logitech Mouse. I also have Logitech Mouse, so I’m going to get a new mouse and see what happens.