Mouse help in GLUT

I am writing a small application for class, and I am trying to enable movement about a scene using the mouse. I am using the GLUT libraries, and am somewhat restricted to them, as I am writing this on a windows machine, but it needs to run on a Unix machine for grading, so I don’t know if glut will let me do what I want, which is:

  1. set the cursor position, to allow the user to move around the scene without the cursor coming out of the window, and
  2. have a function run while a mouse button is held down.

I can set the callback function for the mouse click, but it only calls it once per press, and I can’t find a state variable that tells me the status of the button.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Adam J. Rosen

  1. glutWarpPointer
  2. is answered here: