Most advisable 3D File Format

I’ve been out of business for a long time now and try to catch up. I wonder what happened in the area of file formats, back then I was happy with 3ds, but I wonder if there is a better suited format nowadays. I am particularly interested in a format that works nicely in combination with Blender and which has an open source library or sample code for reading available, as to limit the implementation time. I’m only interrested in model meshes (ie. textured meshes, possibly with shader export or something), not so much in terrain and stuff. Any advise is very appreciated!


The .obj looks well supported in Blender.
Anyway, format wise, Collada is the new thing in 3D asset exchange. Maybe still a bit experimental in Blender though.

Hey there, thanks, you got me curious about Collada for Data exchange. As it seems though, Collada export is completely broken in the most recent Blender release. Is there maybe somehow an indirect way from .blend -> .dae ? I’d work on that Collada plugin, but that’s written in Python and i’m not really willing to learn another language plus blender internals…

Sidenote on .obj … I flew over the inofficial specs, seems a bit too simple to me… I had liked the possibility to embedd meta informations and such.

Alright, the problem is resolved - i had to assign a material to every object. Collada, here I come!