morphing surfaces...

I have a surface and I’d like to morph it into something like a sphere, cube, cone and other shapes.
Can you give me a link or a tutorial or an algorithm for doing this?
thanks :smiley:

Technically this shouldn’t be too difficult.

  1. setup starting surface
  2. subdivide starting surface so you have as many vertices as the target object
  3. slowly move vertices into their final positions
  4. display the finished object (i.e. closing the sphere/cone/cube etc.

But to make it look nice, you’ll probably have to choose where each final vertex comes from. Especially if you also want texture mapping.
I doubt you’ll get good results with an automatic mapping.

thanks , but what i need to know is how to find the new coordinates and which vertices to get there if i want to create a sphere or a cube for example… :eek:

Mayby this would be helpful:

thanks, but i’ve seen this already…
It reads the coordinates from a file… not what i need, thanks anyway :slight_smile: