Morphing & Movement (Please Help)

Hello everyone. I am a newbie in OpenGL, and I have a question.

1.) In NeHe lesson 25, I learned that how to morph between different models.

But in the tutorial, I need to press the number key to morph from model 1 to model 2. How can I make the model morph automatically?

For example, my character can perform walking action by his legs automatically.

2.) As I use morphing to perform walking action between 2 different models, how can I make it really “walk” in the 3D world, while it still perform the morphing of walk action.

Please teach me how to do it or teach me or tell me where can find a tutorial.

I know that my question maybe silly, but wish u all will help me. Thanks you very much.

(1) How and when you want the morph to occur depends on the requirements of your project. If you want a continual morph, then I guess you have to move the code that makes it morph into the main loop somewhere of your program - rather than in the windows message loop.

(2) Translate (move) the character as it walks -

Thanks you~