more ram = no opengl

Hi everyone. Well here’s my story… I added a stick of 512 DDR last week and I tried playing CS afterwards and I had opengl error. It claims my video card does not support it, which is untrue. I use to be able to play opengl based games prior to adding the new ram. I tried removing the ram and restarted. I opened CS and it said memory allocation error. I put the ram back in, and I am still able to play other games that are not opengl based. I have been having this problem with several games. By the way, I did update all my vid drivers and still didn’t work. Thanx. Bye.

O yeah I forgot to mention. I am using XP, with a Athlon 2500, 768 ram, and a 32 meg Hercules 3D Prophet 4000 XT.

Try changing the AGP aperature size (from BIOS)
Just change to some other value and try a couple of times.

I dont know if it will help but who knows.

Did you get the drivers from nvidia? Im assuming it is NVidia based.