More opengl questions

Since OpenGl is just a graphics generator, what should I use for sound in my game? Could I use something like XMMS, or mplayer? Has DirectX been ported to Linux ( by the way I’m running Mandrake 9.0 )?

Also I was wondering if you have to use a mutidimensional matrix in OpenGL for terrain like mountions etc.?

And since OpenGL can’t take input from the user, could I stream I/O to OpenGL with something like Perl’s <STDIN>? And does OpenGL create windows for you, are do you have to write them yourself in the code for the game? And if you do have to write it in the game’s code, do you write windows in Linux the same way you write them in Windows 9x? That’s what I’m used to, writing the windows in C++ for Windows 95

You meant ‘lots’ more of OpenGL questions .

For sound you may want to take a look at SDL or OpenAL.
Of course DirectX has not been (and I highly doubt it will be) ported to Linux, we live happy without it.
You don’t have to use a multidimensional matrix for terrain that is up to you.
OpenGL does not handle input or window creation but SDL can help there, too.


SDL at is just what you need…

Yes as said above you need SDL. It handles input sound and doing all the windows for you.

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