More OpenGL and ATi/Nvidea

I use(d) a 3D modeller ( ACEDXF ) a lot that is OpenGL based, however since I upgraded from a Nvidea GeForce II to an ATi Radeon 6250 the program stopped giving me a textured view of my models saying “Your OpenGL implementation does not support palletized textures!”.

I then got a Nvidea 6600 thing, which gave me the same (and more) trouble, so I went back to the ATi. The problem occurs in both windows 98se and 2000 and is not solved by upgrading the drivers of either.

I need to be able to use this modeller, and any help would be greatly appreciated. Currently I’m stuck with the only solution of downgrading my videocard back to the Geforce II.

Very very few cards support palleted textures. AFAIK, all modern cards don’t support this feature.

Normally, if palletized texture isn’t supported, then a program should used normal textures. For example, if you run Quake 2 which is an old game, it checks for this support. It uses normal RGB or RGBA textures as a second resort.