More newbie doubts on vp&fp: how many of em needed?

i’ve returned to the study of vp-fp… now i have a new (lame as usual) question:
if i change my rendering options do i have to change vp-fp too?
Simple example:
i have a geometry that i want to render. Just diffuse color, nothing else. Then with a keystroke i switch to a cubemapped reflection map, and then back again to untextured simple geo.
Now may I use just a couple of vp-fp or must i have two set of em, one for the untextured geometry and one for the textured one?
Thx for the help bye the gunslinger

I made a little test and here is what happened:
i have two very basic vp-fp: they manage unlit + simple textured meshes. Actually they show my untextured geometry (right the same as not using any shader). If i turn on enviroment mapping all goes black, and just stay black, even if i disable the cube map. Any idea of what is happening??? thx G.

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Some code would be welcome…
Are you binding all parameters, are you unbinding shaders when done “glUseProgramObjectARB(0)”? Try outputting vec4(1,0,0,1) in fp to see whether the shader is executed or not. What compiler says?

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