More GLU - Transform functionality

functions to rotate matrix around axis would be nice - i know i can do myself but it would be much more elegant with a simple glu call.

aint going to happen.

happy holidays,

glRotate rotates around an axis. Or did I misunderstand something in your post?

I have written glhlib for this purpose.
Look at Block 12 and Block 16 in the header file

h. stony, i think you’ll find it a mistake to grow dependencies on graphics/utility libraries like glu for your math needs. d3dx has tons of math stuff like this, but no one of note uses it, except maybe for hasty prototyping. roll yourself a good linear algebra package and be done with it. you’ll probably need the math for things besides graphics in the future anyways, so it may not seem so elegant to depend on glu for a physics simulation or some other computations unrelated to opengl.

on an unrelated note, how come there’s only 1 item of importance in the “items of importance” forum? there’s just the 1 thread, with like a quagmire of 10,000 replies. it seems like there would be a second item by now, given so much interest in the first.

seasons greetings to you all.