more details on Collada FX?

my little 3d engine uses collada files respecting 1.3.1 specifications except concerning effects. I am trying to update it to respect 1.4 specifications but i’d like to find more details about colladaFX.

I have read the specs, schema and the siggraph presentation on collada (and collada FX) too, but there are still some points which are not very clear to me. It would be very useful to have a concrete example like basic shadow mapping with shaders using collada 1.4. Is there more documents concerning Collada 1.4 specifications (especially on ColladaFX) and explanations on why it was designed that way? surely some examples were made to demonstrate the possiblities offered by collada 1.4, right?

There is a Khronos COLLADA working group meeting in Nice on the 26th of January, will a report of the meeting be publicly released/published later? I believe that public audience is not allowed, i need to be a registered khronos developer to be there, right?


That makes sense since COLLADA 1.3 does not include proper effects support. It does have shaders but not the higher level constructs.

I recommend that you branch your development. COLLADA 1.3 and 1.4 are separate namespaces and will coexist for a while I expect. There is no reason to add 1.4 features to a 1.3 parser. Keep the implementations separate so they can exist in parallel.

Yes there are some working examples but we are not able to share them yet. I expect we will see some examples posted here or at Khronos in the coming weeks.

Khronos working group meeting minutes are not published to the general public. Sorry.

Yes that’s correct. Only Khronos members may attend work group meetings.
Thank you for the good questions. You may also post your ideas to the Khronos public bulletin board.