more control over vertices, edges and faces

Is there anyway other than geBegin() and geEnd() block to draw vertices, edges and faces?

I want to make a simple 3d editor, and I need more control over which vertice connects with each vertice, and which edges form a certain face.


glBegin/glEnd give you the most flexibility you can ever get. All other kinds of representing geometry can be emulated with them.

Got the point.

But how this make a vertix connect to more than 2 vertices, since it’s a list of vertices? Or should put the previous vertice again and again?

You have to construct your own data-structure in wich you can store your vertex-information. f.e. a class wich holds a list of structs of 3 floats could be your datastructure for a polygon.

Point is, glBegin & glEnd are designed for drawing drawing drawing only and nothing else. If you want specific functionality to store and edit vertices you have to program it yourself isn’t that flexible?

and yes, if you want to connect several vertices, they should be 1 vertex in your datastructure, and you should draw them several times inb. glBegin()/glEnd().

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