More of a general question this but
Im thinking of buying a 24 inch widescreen monitor for my new comp and was wondering if there could be problems with display/resolution that I may not have thought of.It is dells 24inch. Will the likes of max, photoshop appear in widescreen or normal display ? If i create a GL program at 1024x768 resolution will it appear as normal or would it stretch. Excuse my ignorance of big monitors, I plan to become an expert real soon :slight_smile:

If anyone knows of a site with nice big monitors at low prices please let me know, or any other knowledge I should be aware of before buying that would be very useful.

Thanks for any input.


i would buy 3 19° lcds from viewsonic instead of that pile of crap. quit playin’ games :wink:

Max and photoshop will look just fine since they don’t setup their own window dimensions - they use the resolution set thru your graphics card. Any application that sets up its own windows however (such as games) will need to have a ‘widescreen’ resolution mode in order to not have everything look stretched.

Likewise, in your applications, if you set your own resolution, you’ll need to adjust for that…

i made tests on a 16:9 display and it didn’t stretched, because the resolution aspect ratio was not 4:3 but 16:9, so every non FS application performed good, but the ones wich need FS get corrected by the display itself if they wasn’t 4:3 … it added two black bands to the right and to the left of the viewport.

Thanks for the help. So if the app has a set resolution, will black squares of nothingness appear at either side or will the image be streched or does it depend ? I take it most of the big games cater for widescreen these days.

They do cater for widescreen, and I doubt you would get black bars in most cases. The app specifically has to put them there, unless the monitor has an underscan to compensate for 4:3 in 16:9. That seems to be the case for the above poster. I haven’t seen monitors such as that though.

Personally, I have a dell 23’ flat panel.

Why the 23 inch man, is there much of a difference for multimedia apps/Games ?


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