MoltenVK iOS dynamic lib for x86_64 (simulators)

Not sure if I can ask about MoltenVK here, but here is my question anyways.

I was able to use Vulkan with MoltenVK using SDL2 with libMoltenVK.dylib on a real ios device, but libMoltenVK.dylib does not work on an ios simulator because libMoltenVK.dylib is only created for arm64
(The one provided in vulkansdk-macos-

I am trying to find a way to create libMoltenVK.dylib with other architectures, but so far I have been unsuccessful. Does anyone have any ideas? I think I am close I tried playing around with MoltenVK/Scripts but no luck.

Architectures need to be: x86_64 and arm64.

Some old posts online say that metal does not work on ios simulator, but a newer forum post from an Apple developer say that Xcode 11 supports metal for ios simulators

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