MoltenVK and Apple Silicon


I do not see any MoltenVK related forums so I will post here.

Following the Apple news for the Apple Silicon push that will happen within the next 2 years, should we have any concerns if we are currently using MoltenVK?

1- Arm64 Support : I assume that MoltenVK is already supported on arm64?
2- Performance : Should we be expecting major performance regressions?
3- Metal optimizations : Are there any Metal optimizations on the Apple Silicon that we would not be able to use?


Theoretically no, as long as the Metal API does not change (or at least it will be as bad for native Metal users as well). Practically, we have to wait and see.

Yes. It already runs on at least iOS & iPadOS with Arm64 devices.

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Thanks for the replies. Very much appreciated.

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