Mohha crashes to desktop

Ok this is my problem. Mohaa just crashes to the desktop whenever the loading bar shows up for the level. ie. when the loading bar appeaqrs it crashes to the dekstop. no error messages or anything.

I have latest drivers installed from nvidia website.

Geforce mx 420
256 ddr ram

The thing is it worked before. Never crashed or anything. I just dont know whats happened now.

Pleaase help. I need to play Mohaa

Ok dont fuking help me then.

Amon, please the languageā€¦

But anyway. What version drivers are you using? The latest? Try installing the 41.09 and see if that fixes your problem. At least you get the desktop, I got the BSD. Just any idea anyway. The 41.09 are not certified but hey if it works who gives crap right?