I’ve this problem with MOHAA
i own a PIII 600 with nvidia TNT AGP 16MB card but when i run this game it show no textures on the game.
The game run with black and yellowish texture instead of regular graphics
anybody please help me!!!..

In order to more accurately troubleshoot your problem please provide the following information. The first error message that pops up and it’s exact contents would be helpful as well.

Brand of motherboard (not always necessary)
Processor (AMD, Intel, Cyrix, etc.)
Brand of video card and amount of memory
Brand of sound card
Speed of CD-Rom drive
Brand and size of hard drive (space left as well. If there’s not enough room then it wont work properly)
Amount of memory
Brand and type of operating system

Once you’ve posted this information then we can help you. Also take the time to look through some of the other messages posted in this forum you may find your answer hidden inside. I hope this helps.

I’m having I’m having the same exact problem as him. It doesn’t neccessarily show an error message. It just doesn’t have any texturing. I’ve gone through the demo with no problem whatsoever, and it was quite beautiful. I don’t get wtf is wrong with the full version.


Western Digital Cavier 120GB HD [100gigs free]
Athlon XP 1.6ghz
Xtasy GeForce 4 Ti4600 128MB DDR
Sound Blaster Audigy Platinum

i have a voodoo 2 card, and its says that thecard does not have textual capabilities???