MOHAA OpenGL problems

Hey i just bought the game and it loaded fine but every time try to start it a console pops up and says “could not load OpenGL subsystem” ive downloaded some drivers but they didnt work. i loaded the patch but that didnt work ether. please help me.

my email is:

I’m having the same problem too when trying to load up MOHAA. I have XP, but the drivers don’t seem to work

I also recently bought the game and had the same problem…I have an ATI Rage 128 card…blah blah blah…I have enough of all the minimum requirements…anyways, you can go to and download their BETA driver…I did this and my game FINALLY got passed that ‘OPENGL ERROR’…I also upgraded the driver for Directx 8.1…UNFORTUNATELY…now my game freezes when I try to start a new game from the ‘War Room’…I’m still trying to figure that part out…Check out if you want.