MOHAA OpenGL error

I’m receiving essentially the same error others are getting with this game. Their tech support illuded to the video driver. I have SiS315 w/64M, but do not know if it supports OpenGL. I tried getting to their website to see if their are any upgrades to driver but could not get onto their website. Are there any driver upgrades for this card, and where would I get it? Also, I am running WinXP (mistake?) with AMD 1600+.

Your video card isnt supported according to the Electronic Arts REAME.TXT file on the CD. In the folder where you installed MOHAA under Start Menu/Programs/EA Games/Medal Of Honor Allied Assault should be the same readme.txt file on your hard drive unless you changed the location of the directory or its name when you first installed it on your hard drive. Sorry to break the bad news to you but I thought you could use your time for other things than wasting it looking for a fix that doesnt exist. I’d also strongly consider going back to Win 98 if you have a copy. I’ve been told and heard from many people that it’s the most stable OS out of all the versions Microsoft has created. Windows XP is so plagued with it’s own problems it wont be a viable or reliable platform to use for gaming until they’ve worked out all the bugs. You’ll be happy you switched to Win 98 2nd Edition. It’s what I’m using on my system right now and I haven’t had any problems except for the performance. It’s much slower than I thought it would run on an AMD Duron 800. Read my response to one of the topics on this forum for further information. If you want maximum results for this game then you’ll need to consider making an upgrade or two if you can afford it. For starters I’d move up to a Pentium 4 or an AMD XP processor (AMD’s are much cheaper and just as good as Intel’s if not better) with a 64 Meg AGP video card and make sure you have plenty of memory. Hope this helps. I’ll be posting some other helpful messages with info I’ve found while surfing the net so look for those as well once I get them posted. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. My email address is Good luck.