I am running a Athlon 1GHTZ, Voodoo 5 5500, sound blaster live 5.1, and 768MB ram. Both my buddy and myself are having this same problem. Game loads just fine, but there is no opening video scene. You can here the music and sounds, but no video. Also, when you come to the Map Room, certain things seem to be overlaying other items (such as the map board seems to be off place). Also, in the control panel, a lot of buttons are overlapping each other. Game runs fine in the basic seeting, but when you try to crank up the optimum setting to maximum, the game has severe lag. This has never been a problem with any game before, and possible from all the messages I see on this board about the game, I think there maybe some major design flaws in it. Seems they have taken a great 3D engine (Quake) and destroyed it.

If any one else has had this problem and come up with a solution, I would love to see it here. Thanks.

I’m not sure what this has to do with OpenGL. I think you’re better off looking for help in the help forums:

EDIT: Ahh, I see you already posted there.

Good luck!

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