Mohaa Help with Nvida GeForce 2 MX

I have the same problem as most of you, the “Could not load OpenGL subsystem” problem. I hear everyone saying download the lates drivers from your manufacturer or w/e, but I need help!

I have an NVIDIA GeForce 2 MX, and I dont know where I download the stuff on

Can someone please help me? It will be EXTREMELY appreciated, MOHAA is my favourite game and I havent played for almost a year!!!

there is a link with name download drivers on top click on it and use your senses

current driver version is 44.03

don’t use texture clamping in openGL section of the driver settings(you get driver settings from display properties)

For XP/2000:

For 98/ME:

O, I downloaded that one before and while installing it stops at 9% and says it didnt pass the windows logo test to verify its compatibility with windows XP, it also says if i continue it may impair or destabalize correct operation of my comp either immediatly or in the future… When I click tell me why this testing is important it says…

Hardware and software products displaying the Designed for Microsoft Windows XP logo have been tested for compatibility with Microsoft Windows operating systems through use of Microsoft-provided testing procedures. For the best performance, Microsoft recommends using hardware products that display the Designed for Microsoft Windows XP logo on the external packaging and on the device itself.

But i dont get it, at that file was FOR windows XP, FOR Nvidia GeForce 2…?

Can anyone help me?

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Help please?

Originally posted by Predator237:
Help please?


If you got that message, you probably downloaded the 9x version.

Get the XP version. I already posted a link to it.

nope, i clicked the XP link. thx anyway tho

no that means that windows hasnt tested that file, probably cuz its an older card. just tell it to continue anyways. but do make sure that its the 2000/XP version though.

k, ty everyone ill see if it works.


In my opinion, any windows compatibility message from Microsoft can’t be trusted as worth the pixels it is written on. To me, it only demonstrates that vendor kissed M$'s a** and payed a lot of money…for testing of compliance from a software company that writes the most pathetic code known to mankind?