Modern graphics card speeds

I have no feeling for these things and I would be gratefull for some insight, what is speed limit for current video cards? (triangles/second)

Is the scene of 200k renderable at real time? (with at least 20fps)
My ATI Radeon9000Pro card is struggling with this number of polys, but I can’t figure out is it becouse of my program or hardware.


You should be able to get a higher rate than that - look at for ATI comparisons. For NVIDIA you will have to look at each video card group under

Great, this is what I have been looking for :slight_smile: thanks, man.

ATI states that my graphics card can do 62.5M triangles per second. I guess it is only achivable under ‘laboratory conditions’. For example I suppose that real time lighting, texturing, fog, and blenidng are not included in benchmark that gave this number.

My question is how reliable these numbers are?
And how did they get them?

Thanks for help,