modern benchmarks?

With OpenGL 2.x, 3.x, and soon 4.0 floating about, I am trying to understand the 3D performance characteristics of platforms other than Windows. Are there some modern benchmarks that the Mac OpenGL community is using to compare system performance? Are there any public databases of the performance, so that someone without a Mac can examine relative performance between Macs? Any cross-platform benchmark databases, so I can see how Mac 3D HW performs compared to similar PC 3D HW? That is to say, I worry about how good or bad the driver support is, even when the HW is more or less the same.

I see from the other thread that OpenGL is still at 2.1 on the Mac. So much for the “modern” part… but while Googling around, I haven’t found any widespread benchmarks either. I notice that SPECapc and so forth don’t offer Mac binaries and Macs are never submitted as tested systems. Actually, UNIX boxes are rarely submitted for that matter, so I’m not sure what to think about SPEC anymore. I am starting to develop a conclusion that performance 3D graphics is a Windows + Linux thing, with Windows solidly in the lead. I did find an article on Phoronix that they will soon test all 3 platforms but it’ll be a few weeks.

Nvidia OpenGL performance on Linux is generally on par or slightly better than on Windows. No idea about Mac.

Sorry for not being very precise.