modern 3d graphics programming- impostor tutoria (tutorial 13) showing white screen

I’m trying to run the impostor tutorial from the book “modern 3d graphics programming”. Neither the Basic Impostor or Geometry Impostor tutorials are working for me. Both just display a blank white screen when I run them. Is this the same for anyone else?


Do you mean Learning Modern 3D Graphics Programming?:

If so, Alfonse/Jason will I’m sure get back to you when he’s back at his keyboard after vacation. If not, please point us to the URL or book for this tutorial.

Is this the same for anyone else?

Had never built this, so just tried – one minor stumbler, but did get those two built. For Basic, I get a window with balls and light sources spinning around like planets, and with Geometry, I get a similar thing but with strange triangle wedges. Not sure what I’m looking at on the last one as there seems to be some strange occlusion and clipping going on here. However, I haven’t read that tutorial which might explain it.

What GPU and GPU driver are you running? If on Linux, run “glxinfo | grep -i OpenGL”.

Thanks for replying Dark Photon. I figured out my graphics card was autoselecting the integrated graphics instead of my nvidia card. So I set it manually to use my nvidia card as the preferred graphics processor.