I’ve looked everwhere for a free modeler, the only one i found that was decent for opengl was milkshape 3d, however it’s shareware and i don’t want to send $20 to switzerland. Anyone know where i can get a free 3D modeler that i can easily load into opengl? also, i’m trying to create multiple windows for opengl. i basically took the CreateGLWindow function and added a classname param, so i can create multiple windows by assigning different classnames. it works, however i cannot kill the second window properly and the first one created doesn’t re-paint. any ideas?


( a freeware modelling tool that creates 3D Studio MAX (3DS) meshes.


( which reads and displays 3DS meshes.

Thanks, i already had the program on my computer, i didn’t know where the loader was. however, since i’m fairly new to opengl, i have no idea how to actually load the models into my program. which files do i need, (from the zip) and how do i load them (ie. pModel->LoadModel(“starship.3DS”;
pModel->PutModel(1.0f,0.0f,-2.0f) ???

Display3DS uses a sub-project called Mesh3DS to do the actual 3DS decode, position the viewport, execute the display list, etc.

There is a small help page at which may shed some light. Otherwise, Use The Source Luke!

Just a small correction: Display3DS instantiates the ‘Okudagram’ class (in honour of Michael Okuda - Technical Consultant on ST:TNG) which in turn instantiates the Mesh3DS class for mesh loading, etc.

Display3DS should be legible enough for anyone wishing to learn VC++/MFC and OpenGL programming. Here’s hoping anyway…

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thanks, now let’s see if i got this straight (bear with me, i haven’t worked on projects that are dependant on others before). i can make a whole new project, call it whatever i want, goto dependancies and set it dependant to the Display3DS project, then set up the framework to create a window for OpenGL, and in my DrawGLScene, make a call to LoadNewMesh? (or do i have to put the stuff i’m making into the Display3DS project, or do i just include the header files???)i probably could figure it out myself, but i always have trouble with mutliple projects :frowning:

If you want to use your own project instead of modifying Display3DS and Okudagram, just create a sub-directory called Mesh3DS below your main project directory.

Then, expand the Mesh3DS Class files into the Mesh3DS sub-directory and define Mesh3DS as a dependancy of your main project.

Include the Mesh3DS.h header file in your main project source and you should be all set.

Since you’re handling the management of an OpenGL Rendering Context yourself, just call the Mesh3DS loader methods as described and it should all just work.

Note that Mesh3DS assumes an MFC framework as it uses CObject derived classes and methods such as CObArray and CObList, among others.

If you’re not using VC++ with MFC, your answers lie elsewhere.

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